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ComEDF Energy is a trading name used by EDF Energy Customers Ltd, Reg. 1 for electric meters ANSI C12. Enhanced features such as on. The MTU supports up to nine-digit registers and delivers time-stamped reads on a time-synchronized network, allowing for advanced water distribution management. Our full range of Smart Energy Meter products offers robust, flexible and configurable technology for every metering requirement from basic, energy-only metering to comprehensive smart metering functionality – with multiple communication technologies. Here are the changes: Honeywell acquired Elster on 6 January ; Aclara acquired GE Grid Solutions Electricity Meter Business on 21 December.

20 for electricity meters, 0. I have not been up there with the new meters yet. You can find a copy of our user guide here. If you do get this RF meter, go measure the Aclara system they are testing.

And, with over two million meters deployed since introduction, it’s a proven workhorse meter purpose-built for the challenges of commercial & industrial customers. 00-1 3 These instructions do not purport to cover all details or variations in equipment, nor to provide for. The I-210+, Aclara’s single phase basic energy meter, offers utilities high quality, solid-state measurement performance, affordability, accuracy and reliability. YOUR SMART METER – R861. Develop your product with the Zigbee Alliance Develop. This manual includes basic wiring diagrams for use during installation. • Mount the MTU perpendicular to the ground with the Aclara logo facing the installer.

5 accuracy classes CAN3-C17-M84 Canadian specifications for approval of type of electricity meters CAN3-Z234. I would also do your best to demand that you have a truly analog meter on your home. Meter Transmission Unit User Manual details for FCC ID LLB003 made by Aclara Technologies LLC. It beeps continuously twice a second and there is a red led light next to 1000 imp/Kwh that flashes every 5 seconds. These are in line with EC Directives /72/EC and /73/ EC, which have the. Elster / AMCO Gas Meter MTU Installation Instructions Purpose & Scope This instruction provides a procedure for installing an Aclara STAR MTU on Elster/American Commercial Models: 60B, 80B, AL-800, AL-1000, AL-1400, AL-2300, and AL-5000 Industrial & Commercial Turbine Rotary Gas Meters. Read More By continuing to browse or aclara meter manual closing this banner, you indicate your agreement.

Complete GE Manual for I-210+c Socket Meter This document contains detailed information to install, configure, and maintain the I-210+c socket meter from GE. The FOCUS AX-SD is an advanced meter platform with features that rival any meter in its class. This eliminates the need for manual demand reset with 1-way AMR systems.

The RF meter you see in the videos above is not able to pick up the lower frequency RF. With available service disconnect integrated into the meter base, utilities can take advantage of the 200 Amp relay to disconnect power or limit service remotely using an advanced metering technology or manually at the meter. Applicable Standards ANSI C12. Meters and Readings; Reading your meter; Reading your SMETS2 Aclara meter.

I will try and contact SC, but that doesn&39;t seem easy! com DRAFTDRAFTProprietary Notice This document contains information that is private to Aclara Technologies LLC, an Ohio limited liability company, and/or that is private to Aclara Meters LLC, a Delaware aclara meter manual limited liability company (individually or collectively. the Fitzall TM feature enables a significant meter inventory reduction while covering all applications. The SGM1400 SMETS2 smart meter from Aclara is an integral part of the UK dual-fuel smart metering strategy for both residential small commercial installations. aclara i-210 c manual Aclara’s I-210 line of single phase residential electric meters brings a range of residential solutions from core electronic energy-only meters to smart metering For over 100 years, GE’s metering solutions have provided utilities with a dependable partner known for our robust and quality metering platform. Aclara uses cookies to enhance your experience, to display customized content in accordance with your browser settings, and to help us better understand how you use our website. The MTU must be mounted at or above grade (ground level).

This manual includes complete information to install, configure, and maintain the kV2c socket meter from GE. In addition, with one class 20 and one class 200 meter in stock, you are prepared to meter virtually any new service – without having to search through inventory for just the right meter form and voltage, or having to wait for a special meter type to be ordered and. Aclara’s residential and commercial smart meter solutions bring accuracy and clarity into power usage across an electric utility’s distribution network. energy-only meters to highly-flexible smart metering solutions that provide advanced functionality to meet the evolving Smart Grid system needs. It’s over on Alder Drive, off Hwy 89. Reading your smart electricity meter.

HOW TO READ YOUR NET ENERGY METERING (NEM) ELECTRIC METER (with E-6 Net rate) This Meter Guide, and the diagrams below, will help you read the information displayed on your General Electric kV2C meter, which is used to calculate your bill. This document includes basic wiring diagrams for use during installation. The Aclara kV2c meter family is one of the most widely accepted ANSI ® commercial and industrial meters with over 2 million units deployed in the field since its introduction. DRAFTSynergize® RF Network kV2c Field Installation Instructions Y6 - TUM R e v i si o n D www.

When we installed your smart meter, we would have provided you with a smart meter user guide. energy-only meters to highly-flexible smart metering solutions that provide advanced functionality to meet the evolving Smart Grid system needs. manufacturer&39;s meter, or to any other information displayed on your meter that is of a technical nature. User manual instruction guides for Aclara Technologies devices. Part 2 –Aclara I-210+C Meter construction and design • The Aclara I-210+C Basic Block diagram • The SMPS board and characteristics and Power Sensing “urrent Transformer” sensors • The Metrology System board, LCD placement, back up battery, Power Disconnect point • The “rains” of the meter and the two radio transceivers.

Document Includes User Manual MTU Installation Requirements. 4-79 Canadian Specs for all numeric dates and times Voltage Burden ≤ 2. Page 23: Pit Mounting Considerations MTUs connected to meters located in meter pits may be mounted to approved, non-metallic pit lids. Fitzall is a GE exclusive tool for commercial and industrial electronic meter inventory reduction, which allows two meter forms, 9S for transformer rated and 16S for self-contained to meter any service type.

The advanced modular family of products with single-phase variants offers full two-way secure communications between the meter, CSP communications hub and DCC head-end solutions. Evaluation of the Aclara I-210+C AMI Meter City of Talent, Oregon Town Hall Meeting By William Bathgate, EE, ME 1 Note: This report has been written in terms that a common person with limited. Aclara’s family of meters go beyond meeting your complex business challenges.

Pressing button ‘9’ on the meter keypad will supply read information. Aclara will supply and implement a fully integrated end-to-end solution that will replace Austin Water&39;s current meters and manual meter reading system. For complete details on the Meter Shop Test System, see the Meter Shop Test System Help (accessed by clicking the Help button on the Meter Shop Test Tool main menu) or contact your Program Manager or DCSI Customer Care at com or. It is an ACLARA SGC 1311 and on the lower section it says SGM 1311, Electicity meter only.

Based on years of commercial and industrial metering applications, aclara meter manual the kV2c, I-210+c is based on advanced metrology capability and solid state metering design. Reading your SMETS1 Secure meter. The advanced, powerful and easy-to-use meters give you an extra edge in the energy business. User Manual Release Date;User Manual User Manual:: Y99850 User Manual Users. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT whose Registered Office is at 90 Whitfield Street, London, W1T 4EZ, incorporated in. Aclara’s I-210+c smart meter delivers industry capability for the most demanding and rigorous Smart Grid specifications. The user guide gives you an overview of your smart meter, in-home display, and more.

508 Second Street, Suite 206 Davis, CA 95616, USA. Cycle Insensitive Demand A GE-proprietary algorithm gives the I-210+c the ability to provide an alternative method for calculating max demand where 1-way AMR systems are employed. Communication Hub for UK SMIP Smart Meter. The new 3400 On-Demand Meter Transmission Unit (MTU) for water uses the efficient, low-power, high performance two-way Aclara RF Network technology to transmit hourly, interval usage data to the utility. The Aclara kV2c goes beyond revenue metering by offering real-time instrumentation, true power quality and real cost of service measurements. The I-210+ measures energy, and with the addition of a soft switch, is compatible with a suite of third-party AMR solutions. The I-210+c Aclara smart meter is equipped with an internal SmartPoint® module (DT-20 or DT-105), providing utilities with a meter platform that is able to utilize the unparalleled performance of FlexNet—a real-world tested, smart grid network.

GE Energy GE I-210+c Electronic Meter Product Description and Operation, Maintenance, and Upgrade Instructions GEH-7101-2. The robust revenue-grade meter design is based on aclara meter manual Aclara’s cutting edge technology that provides high accuracy and reliability. Company Takeovers - Some meter manufacturer&39;s names have changed due to company takeovers which could be confusing when you are looking for help with your meter. customize their meter.

The new AMI network will cover three. Aclara supplies smart infrastructure solutions (SIS), metering, monitoring, communications and customer engagement solutions to gas and electric utilities. meter all electrical services needing three, or fewer, meter elements. 10 for physical aspects of watt hour meters ANSI C12.

Aclara meter manual

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